Barely Civil

“Tex Rhino” is a pseudonym of the Bashful Cowboy, given him by Bob Wills (of Country-Western recording fame) when Tex played with Wills’ Texas Playboys.

Tex has written and spoken in various venues around the world but now considers himself semi-retired. Under his birth name he is the author of 11 or 12 books (depending upon how you define “book”), was a classically trained musician (first career) who worked in the US and Europe and also recorded in the jazz and blues field. He quit music and became a highly successful salesman (second career) who broke numerous national records in three successive, very competitive areas of sales. Then he went back to college and earned his doctorate, became a clinician, professor and researcher in psychology and human communication (third career) with specialization in developmental (child) psychology and subliminal communication. He is an impassioned advocate of animal rights and welfare, is a political non-partisan who sees serious problems with the positions of both the left and the right (but especially the right), despises capitalist greed and corruption for the way it has devastated quality of life, is not superstitious and believes organized religion to be an even worse curse than capitalism, bemoans the Malthusian nightmare of human over-population and rape of the planet, and entertains an immense disdain for American culture with its unhealthy emphasis on fame, sports and buying stuff. Other than that, everything is just fine the way it is.
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