Not only false intelligence but also low intelligence. Or perhaps the operant term here is ignorance. (More about the US national IQ in a moment.)

Why isn’t there more cynicism about crude reports like this? It reeks to high heaven, flunking the smell test in a number of ways.

Here is the kind of thoughtful (and cynical) analysis (from Common Dreams) analysis there should be more of: “Think US Media Won’t Help Lead Nation Into War With Iran Based on Flimsy or False Intelligence? Looks Like They Already Are.”

The late Lily Tomlin said this back in the last century: “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

Amen to that. In my own cynical approach I had several immediate suspicions when I first saw the reportage of the tanker bombings. My first thought was, this is the work of the Trump administration. Where was Steve Bannon at the time of the crime? My opinion of America has so lowered that my first thoughts are always about US government involvement in anything that could in any way advance the interests of the orange-headed Thief in Chief.

I’m pretty sure he is going to finagle some sort of disaster or outrage that he can use as an excuse to declare a national emergency, followed immediately by the suspension of all constitutional rights. Everything will be put on indefinite hold. That way he won’t have to bother about any pesky elections.

But back to this probably fake bombing incident in the Middle East. The major media in the US and UK are mindlessly pontificating and speculating along lines congenial to Secretary of State Pompeo. Take for instance the “proof” that Iran did the deed in the form of video footage showing an alleged Iranian navy craft engaged in the alleged removal of an alleged bomb from the side of an oil tanker.

Consider the following:

  • The video looks like it was filmed with a Coke bottle lens. No video is this blurry anymore. This video was either recorded years ago, or it was purposely blurred to obfuscate what was going on.
  • WTF would be the purpose of Iran removing a second mine if they were the ones who put it there in the first place? To state that that was what was going on is blatant, unadulterated bullshit. I invoke the smell test as proof of my claim that this is idiocy of the first order.
  • If a mine was being removed (which I do not for a moment believe) it would be done with swimmers in the water working from small inflated craft. The boat would be some distance away. Do the perpetrators of this hoax really believe no one will notice this? Well, on second thought, considering the mentality of our leaders…
  • Even in this pre-1990-quality video it is clear that at least eight people are huddled at the business end of the small craft. Where a powerful bomb was allegedly being disarmed. Where they could all get the schnitzel together if anything went wrong. Do you see anything wrong with this? C’mon, Iranians are the direct descendants of the Persians who invented algebra and printed money, had the very first bill of rights, were noted for their religious freedom, and numerous other inventions and scientific discoveries. They are not a backward, stupid people.
  • US Navy officials could put a damper on all this dangerous blather about what the Iranians are supposed to have done, but we are hearing nothing in the way of credible analysis from the Pentagon. After all, they want war with Iran. That’s how they make a (better) living.
  • Oh, and the coup de gras to this blatant bullshit: several crew members on the bombed oil tankers have unequivocally stated that the bombs were airborne, as in a drone or rocket.

Now, as to the media’s and American people’s propensity for swallowing this kind of nonsense. Back in the mid-1960s the American Republican Party was at an all-time low in popularity. They had to do something or risk disappearing entirely. So they initiated a no-holds-barred initiative intended to take over at the lowest levels of governance to make a come-back. They intended to rebuild from the ground up.

Their plan was detailed, stealthy and cunning. It would require locks step discipline within the Party long-term implementation. Today’s Republican Party is the successful result of that plan.

An integral part of the Republican plan was to take over local governments and in particular school boards. Which they did with great success and proceeded to dumb down education in this country to the point where it is today. This is why there are so few thinking, critical, cynical, cerebral US citizens.

I know all this because I was there. That is when I fled the Republican Party to become a Democrat (which I later also came to dislike). I wish I could claim that I fled from what I perceived as the seeds of the Republicans’ heinous nature which is now in full flower. But I really left because I was young and intelligence was important to me. I could see that most of the truly smart people were not Republicans, which tended to attract the less cerebral types.

To me the differences between the Republicans and Democrats was like the high school football team (Republicans) and the chess club (Democrats). I decided would rather be part of the thinking crowd.