Charles Henderson

Letter to an aging, unwell friend

Dear Thom, Your concepts regarding the snow on Crestone Needle [a Colorado mountain] are irrelevant. Whether or not the snow is melting does not constitute an argument against global warming. I think you are being mislead by isolated “facts” like this. I recognize the roots of your comments in contemporary Republican misinformation enabled by the …

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Woman sitting on couch

Hypnosis FAQ

Frequently asked questions about hypnosis and self-hypnosis. "What is self-hypnosis used for?" "How many things can I work on at one time with self-hypnosis?" "How can self-hypnosis help me quit smoking?" "Can self-hypnosis help me overcome shyness?" "Does it work for weight control?" "Can I use self-hypnosis for things like interpersonal relationships?" "Speaking in public …

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Climate Change Claims Its First Mammal Extinction

In a Scientific American report dated March 21, 2019, the Bramble Cay melomys, a tiny island rodent, has gone extinct according to the government of Australia. The species was a victim of sea-level rise. Never to be seen again. Scientific American claims this is the first mammalian species wiped out by global warming. These little …

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Earlier today several of our internet service provider’s (ISP) servers, ours among them, came under massive attack. There are many ways to attack servers, but the impetus behind the attacks is always corrupt hackers driven by greed and criminality. (If you want to know about such attacks, google “server attack.”) This and other manifestations of …

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