Common Sense Measure


This is a TRUE/FALSE measure to test the reliability of your common sense. Sort of. Read each statement and indicate whether you believe it to be true or false. Do this on paper or in your word processor. After you have recorded your responses to all 20 items, go to the Answer Page linked below.

  1. Women tend to take more liberal political positions than do men.
  2. Opinions and beliefs change more quickly than behaviors.
  3. "Opposites attract" is correct – "likes" are less attracted to one another.
  4. Conflicts over ideologies are easier to resolve than conflicts over power.
  5. The opinions of children and youths seldom correspond to those of their parents.
  6. Individuals tend to make riskier decisions than do groups.
  7. Given a choice between wealth and fame, most Americans choose wealth.
  8. Moral values tend to break down during a disaster.
  9. Social change is easier on everyone concerned if it is made swiftly.
  10. A child who is encouraged to do so will learn to walk sooner than one who is not.
  11. The more people there are in a group, the more emotion and tension there will be in the group.
  12. Learning is more permanent if correct responses are rewarded every time.
  13. Later in life, students who worked to pay their way through college are more successful than those who did not.
  14. When military units are racially segregated – as they were in most Allied military units during WWII – white privates are more eager than African-American privates to become noncommissioned officers.
  15. The less affection and attention a child receives, the more quickly he or she will mature.
  16. In WWII, American combat infantrymen in Europe were more eager to return to the U.S. when the fighting was still going on than after the German surrender.
  17. To learn a skill, an uninterrupted hour of practice is better than six ten-minute sessions.
  18. In large families, the youngest child is the one most likely to be a problem child.
  19. A person who is very afraid is more suggestible than one who is just moderately afraid.
  20. Soldiers from rural areas are better adjusted and have higher morale than those from urban areas.

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